Summer camp
Since summer day camp is one of
the basic features of Israeli life, FPF
feels that Ethiopian children should
also experience it. The cost,
however, is prohibitive for most
Ethiopian families, so FPF subsidizes
as many children as possible. In 2017
the FPF spent close to NIS 70,000
enabling 326 children to attend.
Unfortunately there were insufficient
funds to help all of the eligible children.

Summer should be fun
Fun Day
Special Medical Funding

Teaching water safety
Special Projects
These are just some of the projects FPF sponsors or undertakes itself.

Individual Needs

When a 6th grade Ethiopian student in
Netanya drowned in 2010, the FPF
launched its SWIMSAFE project to teach
Ethiopian youngsters aged 8-12 to swim.
FPF provides lessons, transportation,
bathing suits, goggles, towels and sports
bags at a cost to FPF of NIS 550 per child.
(Each family is asked to pay NIS 50 each
so that they feel they are contributing to the
process.) During the past six summers, FPF,
under the coordination of Aida Miller, Vice Chair,
has taught over 150 children to swim. Many
requests have been made to teach more children
and even many mothers have requested that a
group be opened for them.
In some instances, FPF pays for
medications and medical supplies
not included in the basket of services
for people with chronic medical
conditions. For example, the FPF is
currently helping a teenager with a
magnesium deficiency, two others
with autoimmune diseases and a
triple amputee who needs medical
supplies for his prostheses.

Specialized walker donated by FPF
There are instances in which the FPF
provides special help. For example, an FPF donor is sponsoring a music programme at one of the community centres; the FPF has purchased electronic dictionaries for high school English equivalency exams and has
financed activities for Café Buna, a group
of Amharic speaking seniors.

Bar/Bat  Mitzvah Party

In conjunction with the summer camp
programme, the FPF provides funds to
allow parents and children to experience
an outing with the whole family together.

Families playing together

The Forgotten People Fund

A charity registered in Israel # 58-032-322-8

Café Buna: women supporting women
When there is a sponsor the FPF holds a Bar/Bat Mitzva party for children who would not otherwise have had such a celebration.
The FPF provides a venue and transportation. Each child can bring ten family members or friends and also receives a gift.

Enjoying their B'neai Mitzva
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