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It quickly became apparent that many of the needs of the community were critical and urgent. Thus, the Rapid Response Team was formed by Wendy and Jeff Starrfield, professional social workers and coordinators of Direct Services, to provide an efficient and timely way to meet these needs.

The team has a volunteer responsible for each of the five neighbourhoods of Netanya with a high concentration of Ethiopian residents. When a social worker encounters a family with severe needs for which she has no governmental solution, she sends the team a social report. This report includes a formal request for intervention and is necessary as a justification for our being involved and spending FPF funds.

Armed with this report, our team member makes a home visit to assess the extent to which the FPF can assist the family. Families who have already been referred to us by social services sometimes turn to FPF directly.

The team supplies prompt aid in
household emergencies: the purchase
or repair of a major appliance, the
purchase of a necessary piece of
household furniture such as a bed,
the payment of utility bills when the
water/electricity is about to be
cut off; necessary household repairs
such as faulty wiring, and the provision
of food vouchers. The FPF does not
contribute to cosmetic repairs or luxury

In addition, the RRT oversees several projects which contribute to the welfare of the children especially and the community as a whole.

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Rapid Response Team

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