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While it is vital that the FPF meets the basic needs of the target population, it is clear that this is only an interim solution. The long-term solution must be to equip the younger generation with the skills needed to support themselves, and this means education.

Civil Service Exam Course

In today's world, it is virtually impossible to study if you do not have a computer. While public computers are available at the libraries, this means spending time in travel and waiting for a computer to become available.  This cuts down on the time a student has for productive study. Therefore, the FPF provides laptops to students in need. Thanks to FPF's generous donors 24 laptops were awarded in 2016, and in 2017 the FPF was able to raise this number to 74.

Guiding graduates over the next hump
Higher education is very expensive and most of the Ethiopian students find the cost prohibitive. The government provides Ethiopian students up to the age of 28, with free tuition at institutions of higher education.
However, government financial aid does not cover living expenses.   Since they cannot hold down full-time jobs and still succeed in their studies, the FPF fills this gap by offering scholarships for students studying

practical subjects such as nursing, accounting, engineering, social work and education, that lead to gainful and productive employment.

The FPF is currently supplying 18 scholarships of NIS 12,000 a year, and is constantly looking for more donors so that this number can be increased.

In addition, the FPF has supplied scholarships for non-academic courses (bus driving, dental assistants) as those too require licences to work in the field.
 One of the latest projects is funding a course to help Ethiopian college graduates (who tend, as a result of their cultural background to be less assertive in large groups) pass the Civil Service
Screening Exam for government positions. Several courses have been completed with great success for the graduates, thus enabling them to be
employed in advanced positions.
Donations for further courses are being sought.

Going over a new computer with recipient

The Forgotten People Fund

A charity registered in Israel # 58-032-322-8


Anne Silverman celebrating with one of our nursing school graduates