The Forgotten People Fund

A charity registered in Israel # 58-032-322-8

About The FPF
The name – Forgotten People Fund – was chosen because the promises that had been made to the Ethiopian people, when they were brought to Israel by the State of Israel, have all but been forgotten.

Anne & David Silverman                                                                          Aida & Joseph (z''l) Miller

The Dream
Ethiopian Jews thought of Israel in

biblical terms. They lived in a second or third world environment. When they prayed for and were offered the opportunity to go up to Israel, it was to the promised land of myth and Torah they wished for and expected to be journeying to.  

Coming Home

Facing the challenges of the modern world, separated from the security of the familiar,
the Ethiopian community in Israel often faced overwhelming problems adjusting to the real Israel. Families were falling apart; children were receiving substandard education; the community was racked with dropouts and serious social problems. Family violence was becoming all too common. Even today, 35% of Ethiopian families live below the poverty line.

Unsafe and substandard conditions
To help with these challenges, the Forgotten
People Fund has emerged to make a difference in the lives of the Ethiopian community of Netanya, the largest in the State of Israel.
Understanding that the key to integration into Israeli life is education, it has focused on aiding students in practical academic advancement toward economic independence. For instance, Itamar is doing his B.S. and M.S. in computer science simultaneously at the
Technion, with a full scholarship from us.

Itamar speaking at an FPF event


In 1998, after years of working with the Ethiopian community, Anne and David Silverman, and Rabbi Yosef (z’’l) and Aida Miller, established the Forgotten People Fund as an emergency fund to help Ethiopian families in Netanya who had no place else to turn.