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                                  Fund Raising
In addition to the generous contributions we receive from private individuals and charitable organizations, we sponsor some fund raising projects designed to increase our ability to provide help to those in need.

We offer lovely hostess and Purim cards created especially for us by Rachel Ginsbury. The hostess cards come in two sizes with depictions of the rural Ethiopian countryside. These cards are suitable for “bread and butter” gifts. The Purim cards feature images appropriate to the holiday and serve as creative (and less fattening) substitutes for “Mishloach Manot”.

Our popular luncheon club is held on the first Tuesday of the month at the King Solomon Hotel. In addition to a lovely lunch, we enjoy a short lecture on a wide range of subjects. If you are in Netanya, please feel free to join us by contacting Anne Silverman at
09-8622243 or hihosilv@netvision.net.il.
A couple of times a year we also host a supper club at different restaurants in the Netanya area. These require reservations as we always see to it that everyone who needs it has transportation.
Every year we hold a gala Independence Day Party which everyone enjoys immensely. Again reservations are necessary but everyone is welcome, whether you wish to make up your own table or come as singles.

We have produced a beautiful cookbook which is especially suitable for Israel as we tried to ensure that all of the recipes include only those ingredients easily obtainable in Israel.It contains recipes from many of our members and a couple of authentic Ethiopian recipes as well as some from one of our favourite chefs here.
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